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Weg W21 Severe Duty - High Efficiency Motors:

  • Single-Phase: ODP (IP22)
  • Single-Phase: TEFC (IP55)
  • Three-Phase: ODP (IP21/IP23)
  • Three-Phase: Rolled Steel Motor
  • Three-Phase: TEFC (IP55) - Ball Bearings
  • Three-Phase: TEFC (IP55) - Roller Bearings
WegW21 Severe Duty - NEMA Premium Motors:
  • Three-Phase: ODP (IP21/IP23) - NEMA Premium Efficiency
  • Three-Phase: TEFC (IP55) - NEMA Premium Efficiency
Weg Crusher Duty Motors

Weg Explosion Proof Motors

Weg Tru-Metric Motors
Weg Farm Duty Motors
                 * Single Phase
                 * Three Phase





~ 1/2 HP 56T FRAME


~ 3/4 HP 56T FRAME


~ 1 HP 56T FRAME


~ 1-1/2 HP 56T FRAME


~ 2 HP 182T FRAME


~ 3 HP 184T FRAME


~ 5 HP 184T FRAME


~ 7-1/2 HP 215T FRAME






~ 1 HP 143T FRAME 1765 RPM


~ 3 HP 182T FRAME 1765 RPM


~ 5 HP 184T FRAME 1730 RPM



Here are some examples as to how WEG Features benefit you!


Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) WEG motors are supplied with 1.15 Service Factors unless otherwise noted.


All WEG Motors in 364T Frame and larger have VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation) Treatment on Motor Windings.


All WEG Motors have 4140 Tensile Strength Steel Shafts.


All WEG Crusher Duty Motors are available with Roller Bearings (Belt Drive) or Ball Bearings (For Direct Coupled).


WEG IEEE 841-2001 NEMA Premium Efficiency motors have Dip and Brake Impregnation for frames 143T up to 326T.  Resin Continuous Flow Impregnation for WEG frames 364T up to 505T.


Brass Labyrinth Seal on drive end and opposite drive end (non contacting seal per IEEE).


WEG Guarantees Foot Flatness to 0.0005"


Performance Testing according IEEE 841 supplied with each motor including winding resistance, no load current, voltage, speed and five unfiltered vibration readings.


All WEG Motors 364T and above are capable of Wye Delta Start in addition to Across the Line Start.


All WEG large horsepower motors (364T and Larger) with Model Number Designations PBLN, PBL, or PBB are suitable for Part Wind Start as well as Wye Delta Start.


All WEG Motors are High Starting Torque and have High Breakdown Torque.


All WEG 324T Frame Motors and up have Overload Thermistor Protection. All 587 frame motors have Space Heater Protection as well.


All Large Horsepower WEG Electric Motors now also have IP55 Degree of Protection.


The nameplate on WEG Motors is engraved in Stainless Steel to resist rust and provide clear identifications of the motor specifications.


WEG uses VPI Treatment of motor windings.


WEG Motors are completely painted, internally and externally, with an Anti-corrosive Alkyd-base paint.


All WEG motors are assembled with Galvanized or Stainless Steel components.  WEG uses brass bolts and washers on drive end and opposite drive end bearing caps.


A Shaft-mounted V-Ring Seal (slinger) is used for additional protection against dust and water on WEG Drive End and Opposite Drive End.


The oversize WEG terminal box is fabricated of cast iron, machined and fitted with O-Ring rubber sealing gaskets.  The Terminal Box is filled with a resistant sponge-like material to seal the lead path through the frame.


Drain Plugs to remove any excess water as a result of any condensation and prevent any foreign particles from entering motors through weep hole

Motor friendly inverters are is the key to avoiding problems in AC motor/drive systems, says Graham Perry, Product Manager for AC Drives at WEG. The negative effects that inverters can have on AC motors is a relatively new subject, which explains why only a few motor manufacturers have reacted and why many others are still building motors using materials and technology that are unsuitable for today's market demands. This is short sighted in terms of long-term sales prospects, as experience shows that in some cases, where voltage spikesresulting from the inverter carrier frequency are severe, motor life can be reduced considerably. A general rule for avoiding this problem is to select inverters with reduced harmonic content, and harness them to new technology motors, such as WEG W21 Line, which offer high dielectric strengthin their motor windings as a result of enhanced insulation and low and homogenized internal temperature.


The AC motor is, of course, only one part of the overall drive system, and while protecting it against negative inverter effects is essential, other measures should also be considered; making the inverter "motor friendly" in the first instance, for example. This is exactly what WEG has done with its new CFW-08 and CFW-09 ranges of vector based drives. The new WEG drives have been designed as an actual complement to WEG motors, and are also eminently suitable for use with other high efficiency brands on the market. The drives cater for OEM and user requirements at both the low end and high ends of the control market, offering high levels of functionality at competitive cost across the power range from 0.25 to 700kW. 

The motor friendly credentials of the WEG CFW-08 and WEG CFW-09 drives are based on exhaustive tests carried out at WEG headquarters. These tests allied WEG's own, and other manufacturers' ranges of drives, with WEG W21 Line of high-efficiency motors. The only variable in the tests was the make of drive, all other conditions being maintained the same.  The first area to be tested across the ranges of drives was motor temperature increase (delta T). This revealed that the delta T of the motor was up to 11% lower using WEG drives, when compared with the other VSDs tested. This is important for motor longevity, because when motor operating temperature is lower, the benefit is a longer insulation life.


The WEG motor package (motor plus WEG VSD) also proved to have lower noise levels across the range of motor operating frequencies (in some cases the noise was up to 9% lower) compared with some other drives at the same conditions of load, switching frequency and motor operating frequency. The lower noise is a result of the WEG space vector modulation (SVM) technology used in WEG VSD, which generates optimized PWM waveforms. SVM also reduces the motor losses related to harmonics, leading to lower motor temperatures and increasing motor life.

Increasing the efficiency of SVM is an "online" dead time compensation function, which corrects the PWM pulses, optimizing the waveforms generated for the WEG motor


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