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Oil Seals are used to seal around a rotating shaft and keep an oil-based lubricant inside an axle, engine, etc. Grease seals are used to seal more viscous grease lubricants in rotary shaft applications. For all automotive, motorcycle, agricultural and industrial equipment applications, We provide a broad range of oil and grease seals in a wide variety of styles, sizes and materials to fit your application.

SHAFT-EZE is a thin-wall flange, hard chromed stainless steel sleeve that slides over the worn section of a shaft in minutes, creating a new shaft finish.

Medium duty oil bath seals
Medium duty oil bath seals Medium duty oil bath seals are intended for use in the hubs of utility trailers, horse trailers, and medium duty service trucks. There are two styles of medium duty oil bath seals, the ST34 and ST5. Both the ST34 and ST5 oil bath seals offer a superior performance through the use of innovative technology, such as:

Incorporation of a labyrinth style dust lip to seal out contaminants.

A rubber O.D. and I.D. to provide superior seating and sealing capabilities to the hub and shaft.

Incorporation of bi-directional hydrodynamic pumping aids on the primary sealing lip to pump oil back into the hub while reducing temperature and seal wear.

Pre-greased lips so that no additional grease is required during installation. The grease also helps the sealing lip during the initial break-in period of the seal.

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