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Mitchell Iron & Supply Co.

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North American Standard driveshaft

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Univerasl joint and Yokes
Constant Velosity
Universal joint (cross)

Aftermarket Driveshaft

Features and Benefits

  • Slip yokes and stub shafts machined to tight tolerances — Minimizes axial movement and/or hinging. We are considered the industry leader in providing heavy duty slip yokes and stub shafts with superior fits.
  • Dynamically balanced heavy duty slip yokes — Reduces or eliminates imbalance issues when assembling or repairing a driveshaft.
  • Nylon coated stub shafts — Prevents premature wear and axial movement.
  • Ductile iron or forged steel components — High strength design reduces ear-and-plug deflection for reduced warranty and risk of leaks under load.
  • Broad array of aftermarket double-Cardan CV head assemblies — Many with Neapco's proprietary lubrication system for the linkage between the CV yokes.
  • Pre-straightened tubing — Digitally controlled tight-tolerance straightening reduces the time to repair and balance a driveshaft in your facility, saving you time and money.

Aftermarket Universal Joints

Features and Benefits

  • Long-life seals — Resist heat, keep out contaminants and help maintain lubrication.
  • Tight tolerances and precision grinding of journal trunnion radii — Eliminates potential stress risers which can lead to premature failure.
  • Precise case hardening — Heat treating processes increase universal joint strength and durability.
  • Dual zerk (grease) fittings — Allow for ease of lubrication.
  • Low maintenance lube for life u-joints — Reduce maintenance costs and vehicle downtime.


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