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Mitchell Iron & Supply Co.

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Light Duty:
  Fixed Bore:  MA & MB – 1 and 2 grooves
  • All products have 2 set screws and this definite advantage results in a tighter grip of the mounted product on the shaft for improved performance
  • Color-coded product labels for easy stock retrieval on shelves
  • Metric, or special bores, are custom items. For immediate additional bores, suggest using an MAL or MBL as a stocked product that may meet your needs adequately
  Bush Type:  MAL & MBL – 1 and 2 grooves
  • The entire product series uses the “L” bushing
  • Can handle up to 20 HP @ 1750 RPM


  Fractional Fixed Bore:  MFAL
  • Belt Series “A” and “4L”
  • Stock items include one set screw with standard keyseat


  A/B, C, D
  • Complete line in stock, including larger models
  • Designed for use with QD bushing & corresponding belts
  • A/B models from 1-8 & 10 grooves; 3.75”- 38.35”
  • C model from 1-10 & 12 grooves; 5.4”-58.6”
  • D model from 3-6; 8; 10; 12 grooves; 12.6”-58.6”
  3V, 5V, 8V:
  • Higher HP than classical model; compact, light-weight drives
  • Designed for use with QD bushing
  • 3V model from 1-6;8;10 grooves, 2.2”-33.5” O.D.
  • 5V model from 2-10 grooves, 4.4”-50” O.D.
  • 8V model from 4-6;8;10;12 grooves, 12.5”- 71” O.D.
Timing Pulleys:
  • Mount with Taper-lock bushings
  • All parts are completely machined in cast iron; parts made from steel when the wall thickness is reduced due to the bore size
  • Color-coded packaging to facilitate picking of similar Part No.
  • No lubrication required; compact design, high efficiency
  • Low maintenance, economical operations
HTD Sprockets:
  • Mount with QD bushings
  • All parts are completely machined in cast iron; some parts made from steel
  • Color-coded packaging to facilitate picking
  • Speeds from 10 RPM to 5,000 RPM
  • HP ratings from fractional to 250
  • Smooth quite operation: no chain drive that results in vibration and speed variation
  • Clean operation, long-life expectancy, low maintenance
"QD" Interchangeable Bushings:
  • Sizes SH to M, and sizes N to S with a shallow keyseat, are manufactured in DUCTILE iron, a stronger material offering numerous advantages
  • Most sizes have a set screw over the keyway to secure the key which is advantageous in vertical applications (except W & S)
  • 100% interchangeable with licensed manufacturer’s products
  • Available in inches & metric sizes
  • Full, not partial split

Can be mounted either way and capscrews are always accessible from the outside

Taper-Lock Bushings:
  • Available in inches & millimeters
  • Flush mounting
  • Sizes 1008 – 5050
  • Peak torque loads must not exceed capacity ratings indicated.
"QD" Weld-on Hubs:
  • For applications such as conveyor drum pulleys, rotors, plate sprockets, etc.
  • Made of low carbon steel for its excellent welding properties
  • Compatible with all standard QD bushings, with the exception of SD
XT Bushings:
  • Specially designed for conveyor pulley applications
  • Sizes 15 – 45 made of steel
  • 2”/ft. taper for easy on, easy off
  • Sizes 15 to 120
XT Hubs:
  • 2”/ft. taper for easy on, easy off
  • Made of low carbon steel for its excellent welding properties
  • Sizes 15 to 120

Adjustable Pitch: 
Primary use in Air Handling (HVAC) industry. Optimal fan speed is obtained by adjusting one of the sheaves.
NOTE:  Not recommended - re-boring adjustable pitch sheaves as the concentricity may be lost.
  Light Duty Series:  MVL
  • Designed for applications up to 5HP
  • Bulk packaged 20 per carton
  • Designed to be used with the MFAL Series
  • Do NOT use “B” gripnotch belt ratings
  8000 Series:
  • Both 1 and 2 groove adjustable sheaves permit variations of as much as 30% in speed when used with a fixed diameter sheave
  • Available in metric bores
  • Larger sizes come with 2 set screws
  • Stock Sizes - 1 and 2 grooves up to 25 HP
  • Other special bores are available, call for delivery terms
  VP Series:
  • 1VP and 2VP Series are finished bore variable speed sheaves made of cast iron and designed for heavier duty service up to 25HP
  • Available in single and double grooves, with a pitch range from 1.9” to 6.7” (A belt) and 2.4” to 7.0” (B belt)
  • Type 2 model has positive locked-on settings
  Heavy Duty Adjustable Pitch:  MVS
  • Designed for up to 40 HP @ 1750 RPM
  • Used with A, B, 3V & 5V belts
  • Commonly used coupling for a wide variety of light-duty & medium applications
  • Selection process detailed in Maska catalog to assist in choosing the best size and insert element
  • All parts are completely machined in cast iron
  • Interchangeable by part number and size with corresponding components
  • 4 types of insert materials for various applications in varying temperatures and environments
  • Cost saving component


  • All types & sizes precision machined in cast iron
  • "SC" Spacer Series sizes 5-14 available with corresponding hubs & 3 insert types.
  • 4-way flexing action
  • Part No. based on industry recognized nomenclature
  • Precise concentrical product to avoid run-out and unbalance
  • No lubrication; smooth, quiet power transmission
  • Fast & easy installation; no special tools or accessories required
  • Most suitable coupling for applications with shock loads, angular misalignment up to 4 degrees and end float up the "
  • Superior European designed and manufactured “X-Tork” tire; best construction available in the industry
  • Bonded and thermally stabilized rubber with double-woven textile cords & multiple cables in toe that allow the element to seat perfectly and contribute to element stability & flange grip
  • Ridged extremity & inner sidewalls designed for enhance grip of the flanges
  • Neoprene tire elements available upon request for increased resistance to UV rays and heat

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